Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Recap of Feb 11th SpeakEasy: "The Inside out Three Ring Side Show of Freaks"

"The Inside out Three Ring Side Show of Freaks"   That is what I was calling the last Speak Easy in the final days before the event last Saturday.  The idea for the party was to create a kind of "Side Show" in each of the small rooms of Lindsey Nicols' fabulous little Pensione (Hotel) near the Market.   Well, the little "side shows" were so cool they became the main event.  Guests freely wondered the halls and stairways of the Hotel moving from the darling little Wine Bar and Barrel Tasting in Room #10 to the Body Painting party going on in Room #6.  Some rooms were draped in red satin and others with wall to wall mural sized paintings fresh from my studio.  The side shows were so cool many guests never made it to the Circus's central act in the Lounge on the upper floor.  Suite #11 was booked by someone in the LRS crowd and was not originally planned as part of the action but quickly became a hot spot for hanging out, massaging and enjoying the stellar view out over Puget Sound.  

Thank you to the 150 or so of you that came out for the event and made it a colorful and vibrant night.  I hope you had lots of fun.  
And thank you to the many people who helped get things ready.  You made it feel easy.  

Lindsey was delighted with the set up, the clean up and the overall management of the event and respect paid to her we are welcome to do it again!

I think the idea of a "roving feast" party in a hotel has a lot of potential and intend to explore this further at Lindsey's Pensione as well as other unique hotels around town.

I am already planning a high end wine tasting and dinner at the Pensione where vintners, chocolatiers, a chef and an artist will be renting all of the rooms on the top floor with dinner served in the lounge.  In between courses there will be live entertainment, brief talks and opportunities to go around to each room and sample wines, chocolates and art.  We will call this event a Sensual Repast.  Price will be somewhere between $100 and $150 all inclusive.  Let me know if you are interested.  More details to come on this event.

Also thinking about a most unique Haunted House experience for Halloween where you come to the show and actually stay over night.  AAAaghghghhha!!!!!  Who knows what will happen after midnight!

So, yes, the party was successful on many levels...not least of all it sparked a lot more ideas about what to do next.  Stand by for details.

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