Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hengst Studio Art Classes Summer 2012

Jeff Hengst is offering several classes and an ongoing "mentorship" program.   All classes and programs begin in June.

  • Magic And Classics: Building and sustaining creativity   This is not a "how to paint" class.  This is a class that will give you strategies to "get started."  "Find your voice."  And how to simply move into a creative space.  Drawing on a diverse set of influences from "The Artist's Way" to Tarot to his grounding in Western Classics to his years of living and painting in China, Hengst has developed his own powerful approach to being highly creative.   This class was very popular last summer.  All types of visual artists are welcome.  Painters, sculptors, video, photography, book designers, graphic designers, etc.
    TIME & PRICE: Sunday and Monday evenings.  June 17 and 18   June 24 and 25   July 8 and 9   July 15 and 16.   6-9PM and beyond.   $250.   

  • One Day Painting Intensive   Beginner to advanced.  Lots of one on one time.   All mediums are welcome.  Some of the "Magic and Classics" curriculum will be included.  This is a "how to paint" class so a lot of emphasis will be given to technique, materials and tools.  
    TIME & PRICE: July 7.  10AM- 10 PM.  $125.

  • Two Day "Paint Like Jeff" Intensive   Beginner to advanced.  Lots of one on one time.  Oils only.   Jeff will be focusing on how he uses brushes and paint to create.  Half of the time will be devoted to applying this knowledge to the figure, the other half to abstract painting and sketching with the brush.
    TIME & PRICE: July 21 and 22.  10 to 10 both days.   $200.

  • Weekly Mentorship Program   All levels of ability are welcome.  We will meet every Tuesday evening from 5PM to 9PM.  Full studio access.  Jeff will be available for guidance, feedback, help.  Each Tuesday will include some brief formal presentation as the participants demand.  Occasional live model.  Access to studio surplus of materials and store discounts.  Each evening will be followed by socializing.  
    TIME & PRICE: Monthly fee of $150.   Limited to 10 participants.

  • Open Schedule Mentorship Program   This is for the individual that is serious about their art and would like to have access to Jeff and his studio on a very flexible and individual schedule.
    TIME & PRICE: Limit to 2 people.   Monthly fee to be negotiated depending on frequency.  

  • Hawaii Painting Field Trip   Jeff is very good friends with Dwight Stevens, the owner of a gorgeous set of vacation homes and Indonesian Bungalow right at the waters edge on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Dwight is one of Jeff's former students and a very creative artist in his own right.  His properties are perfect for a painting retreat so Jeff and Dwight are developing plans.  Please let us know of your interest.  

Registration:  Just call Jeff with your credit/debit card.  Simple.    All classes limited to 10 students.
Registration and Questions:  206-963-0633

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