Friday, June 22, 2012

Richard's Painting

"Richard's Painting"

This painting is called "Richard's Painting" because it was commissioned by Richard.  It is an oil painting on panel and it is about 24" x 36".  I just finished it.

Richard approached me about doing a painting to convey his ideas about love, connection and companionship.  He had powerful feelings and thoughts but no specific idea of what it would look like. He thought it should have some of the innocence and magic of an artist like Marc Chagall.  And he suggested it have something of the "new thought" spiritual vibe.  He knew it should have two figures that appeared to be emanating light and energy and that they should be holding a grail.  He did not want them to be too realistic...almost like beings of light themselves.

The first image was my first attempt.

Richard liked the arrangement but felt that the grail was too small and the figures appeared to be coming into being which is cool but what he wanted was more of an emanation.  Liked the feeling of them flying over the landscape.

Here is my second attempt.

Loved the grail.  But wanted the hands to be holding the stem of the grail.  Also..the figures appeared too realistic....too "there."   He did like the sense that they were now emanating energy but it appeared too much like fire to him.   At this stage he wanted to give up.  The process is a bit arduous and frustrating after all. However...he did give me some clear directions.....he was now certain that he wanted the background to be dark blue or black and the emanations to be white and look more like lightening than fire.   He also wanted the figures to be less distinctly figures.

Here is my third attempt.

He loved it.  He just wanted a few touches such as more sparkle overall and he wanted the figure on the left to be re-defined a bit.  Otherwise this was the moment of certainty he was looking for.
So below is the final version.

Enjoy.  And let me know if you think you want me to help you create a visual of your vision of Love.

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  1. I love the final product the blue and the sparkle. I'm so glad he stuck with it because it turned out to be incredible. It is just amazing.