Sunday, March 11, 2012

Painting of Sam: Stage 2

This is the painting of my son Sam that I started last week and posted a photo of after the first night of painting.  Here it is now after a second night of painting.
Here you see the whole panel.  I have not used any software to crop the painting.  In the end I may decide to crop some of the real painting but I am not sure yet.
I painted his hand larger than life because I want to suggest some disconnect between his thoughts and his hand.  Also...of a young man his hand is bigger than it should be in proportion to his body at this point.  I do think, however, it is a bit too big so I will be cutting it down a bit.
You can also see, even in this digital image,  how his body has been cut down a good bit from the first stage.
Distortions in the body size can be powerful tools of expression and I have in fact used this in many of my paintings.  However, here the complexity and depth of expression that is developing on Sam's face is already suggesting that more bold and even grotesque expressions my diminish or ever overshadow the richness that is coming out in his facial expression and body language.

I also think the flame is too big.  

What you can't see in this photo on line is that some of the handling of paint around the hand and face is sloppy and "searching."  Now that things have been "found" I will be pulling some of that together leaving what I hope is just the right amount of "search" to deepen the richness of the "finding" that is happening pretty quickly here.

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