Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Invocations are not just for Church

In my younger days, when I didn't have to carry keys, ID and money at all times.....I used to go to Church on Sunday mornings.  I went so frequently that I rarely if ever thought about what the various components of the service were about.  I do remember that one of the short sessions that was relatively easy to endure and marked  progress towards the thing being over was the "Invocation."

I never asked, "invocation of what?"  Upon reflection I assume what was being invoked was the Holy Spirit, or Christ or "Grace" or maybe even God the Father (which I never really quite understood why that was called out as separate from God the Holy Spirit....but that is another story.  

Now that I do carry keys, money, ID and often two children I often think about invoking all kinds of things...most frequently a little more energy to get through my daily responsibilities and to creatively problem solve or just flat out create.   Well, as it turns out, I believe that is exactly what an "invocation" invoking of something that is presumably there all along but just until now is not active or at least not active in a way that is direct nor helpful to anyone in particular....most notably oneself.

And so that is what I did at the monthly SpeakEasy that was hosted at my studio last Friday...just two days after my birthday on March 7th.  I wanted to invoke an agent of change and/or breakthrough.  I wanted to invoke and then use the energies that have been with me for years to clear the way in my heart and mind for something new.

For the past 15 years or so I have had a male muse that has become so codified that I have given him a name...and now....have even a painted an image of him.  His name is Jack and he hangs around the upper studio where I paint, only occasionally making his presence known to sensitive types like my son.  But his sublety should not be mistaken for a lack of power.  He is male,  fiercely creative, youthful and not afraid to get down and dirty.  In one way or another he has been with me for nearly 15 years.  And he has been the engine of much of my best work over these most recent years.   Therefore it is not surprising to me that my work has been, large, challenging, masculine, sculptural and even a bit tough for most this time.  

For reasons I am not quite sure, I have felt a deep intuitive sense that it is time to bring out a more feminine spirit. And so therefor I need to summon or invoke a female spirit.  Friday night I organized and performed an invocation to deliberately and with purpose invoke a female spirit into my art and life.  

The result was at the very least powerful and even a little bit freakish ritual theater.  It was done at the end of a wonderful party with over 80 folks coming to wish me well on the occaission of my birthday.  Conventional wisdom would have determined to end the night just before the "Invocation" at midnight so as not to risk ruining a good thing.  

I was determined to follow through with the invocation because of my belief that at one's birthday we all have a unique opportunity to connect with one's guardian spirit(s).  A key conversation with a friend earlier this week about the maleness and the challenging nature of so much of the content in my work and how that has impacted my work and my livelihood also compelled me to do this.

Additionally, I have always thought of Spring as the most feminine of seasons and she is having a little trouble getting going this year.

And so I did.  As the evening drew to a close on Friday, I began  by..............(I will write specifically about the Invocation I created and performed here last Friday night later today or tomorrow.)

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