Thursday, March 22, 2012

Surprise Commission

This painting was commissioned by the man featured in the painting for his wife...also featured.  It is to be a surprise for her if you recognize these people please do not say anything to them.  My little blog is pretty obscure (at this point) so I feel safe sharing it with you.  The painting is 5' square and features a couple who are supporting each other in various ways.  The pose is complex as well as the emotional complexity.  I The first image shows the canvas after it has been prepared and covered with a "ground" or base color.  This sets the basic "key" for the painting and will help me make literally thousands of tiny nuanced little decisions about how to mix each brush stroke.  It also shows how I worked out the drawing of the two figures right on the canvas.  I don't often use preliminary drawings but instead prefer to work out the positions and composition right on the canvas.

The second image shows the figures getting roughed in. They are starting to take on some of the qualities that the fininshed work will have. Already the likenesses of the individuals are in place and the final decisions about  the placement of all their various limbs and wings have been worked out.

I will show another image soon.

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