Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Red Studio SpeakEasy: April 14th 2012

This Saturday we will meet again at my studio under I-5 for another unpredictable night.
As usual, there will be a few magic moments, many artistic risks and a gathering of interesting people who share an interest in discovering in big and little ways what it means to awaken erotic energy and then channel it into creative outlets.
Last time we explored what is the relationship like between an artist and his/her muse?  Who is driving the work?  Does that role shift and if so how?  Can a muse be a real person or is it more like a spirit or an idea?  How do you cultivate a relationship with a muse?  These were the kinds of questions we explored last Friday night at my Birthday SpeakEasy.   There are some incredibly talented and sexy new artists and muses engaging at the studio these days.  The photo shoot between Chris and his model/muse was spellbinding.  And the invocation of my own muse through ritual theater at the end of the night was also very powerful for many.  The whole point of these "acts" was to illucidate and actually do these things.

 And we did things to tease out an understanding of  how  creativity works?  We will continue to marvel at and explore this very basic question at Little Red Studio as long as we can get away with it.  And we intend to do so this Saturday in ways we have not even thought of yet.  We do that Thursday night.

Thank you again to all of you came and once again leaned into the exploration, lending your attention, energy and spirit to this very illusive yet compelling quest.
I had hoped to host the April SpeakEasy at a "guest" location.  However, I was not able to secure that location at this time so we will have the April SpeakEasy back at my Spa and Studio under the Freeway in Eastlake.

So please mark your calendars for
April 14th.

Remember,  the Little Red Day Spa is always here for you. Soon we wlll be offering a monthly membership program and new services.  

But  I will tell you more about all of that in another blog...soon.

To know more about where and when and to register this event, please click here and it will take you to the site directly.

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