Thursday, April 12, 2012

Andy's Portrait

This is a painting that was commissioned as a gift for a man named Andy.  
The painting is oil on panel and is 48" x 32" wide.  It is complete even though it looks like a sketch.  
The photo on the left was sent to me via email.  I printed the photo out on my office Hp Officejet printer and did the painting entirely from the photo.
I shot a picture of the painting with my Iphone and that is what is posted here.  Much is lost but I believe it still shows some of the power and beauty of this piece.  I feel it represents a new high water mark for me.  The quality of line and the fresh simplicity of the shadowing with planes of paint combines to form really powerful volumes with what appears to be absolute ease.
This painting achieves one of my highest goals in painting which is to describe at one and the same time the feeling of powerful volume, presence and corporeality while at one and the same time to appear almost as so many brush strokes that just in this moment add up to a figure but in just another second....will be gone.  
My clients stopped by the studio yesterday to see the painting and are very pleased!

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  1. It's a wonderful piece. The bright color is hard for me to wrap my head around but it does give the piece a very interesting feeling. The figure work is lovely.